Top 5 Books for Real Estate Agents

If you are a real estate agent looking for a good read, you’ve come to the right place. 

Whether you’re just starting out or would just like a motivational refresher to skim through during downtime, these 10 books are definitely a must on your bookshelf.

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success- Carol Dweck

If you’re a new realtor: this should be the first book you pick up. If you have decades of experience and haven’t yet read this book: this should be on your to-do list. Even if real estate isn’t your full-time job: you should still read this book. Why? This book will teach you the difference between a Growth Mindset and a Fixed Mindset. With a Growth Mindset, you believe you can learn, grow, and improve with effort and time. With a Fixed Mindset, you believe that your success has a limit or a predetermined set point. The reason why we suggest this for everyone is because this can apply to real estate, parenting, coaching, and anything beyond.

Atomic Habits- James Clear

A New York Times bestseller, this book is a bulletproof way to achieve any of your short term or long-term goals. James Clear is a world-renowned expert on habit formation, and gives you a good breakdown on what it takes to form good habits, break bad ones, and master tiny behaviours that can lead to remarkable results. It seems so simple, but it’s easy to lose focus in life and fall into bad habits. It’s also equally as difficult to form good habits that are lasting. Good habits often require delayed gratification, especially in real estate. The quicker you pick up good habits in real estate, the better.

Ninja Selling: Subtle Skills. Big Results- Larry Kendall

Larry Kendall is one of the founding partners of “The Group Inc” a real estate company with over 200 sales associates and six offices in Northern Colorado. This book will transform how you think about selling real estate. He points out all the problems with traditional sales methods and instead offers a more science-based approach to selling that gives more predictable results regardless of your personality type. This step-by-step guide will show you how to be more effective in your sales career and increase your income-per-hour, so that you can lead your life to the fullest extent. This is book is real estate specific, and will help you organize yourself as a top selling realtor.  

Conversion Code: Capture Internet Leads, Create Quality Appointments, Close More Sales- Chris Smith

The information age is in full bloom and real estate agents worldwide are realizing that your online presence is vital in leading a successful business. This book is perfect for anyone interested in social media ads, online prospecting and creating internet leads. If you aren’t sure what approach to take with your social media, this is the book for you. Smith highlights both free and paid ways on making you more money online.  

Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if your Life Depends on it- Chris Voss

Repeat after me: negotiating is imperative in real estate. You have figured out how to get the leads, you have the habits necessary for holding on to your leads, but when it comes down to business: negotiation is the key. Voss was an ex negotiator for the FBI and offers you a field-tested approach in any high-stake negotiations. In this book you will gather 9 principles, tactics and strategies that will teach you how to become more persuasive in real estate and even your personal life.