How To Stay Productive During Downtime

As any successful real estate agent will tell you, there are a few downtime periods of a fiscal year. In our experience, this typically happens in the month of August and late December. Here are a few tips on how to stay motivated and productive during the slower months. 

1) Create a Marketing Plan

Creating an annual plan for expanding your sphere of influence is vital in the word of mouth business of real estate. Over the course of the year, how often do you think you should be contacting your clients? Create a weekly or quarterly newsletter and send it out to your clients using our mass emailing feature.

2) Reconnect with Your Clients: Those Who Give You Business.

Send a referral form to your clients and analyze strengths and weaknesses over the course of the sale. This is super easy to do with our referral/feedback feature!

3) Optimize Your Virtual Business

Finding documents and client info on the go is more important now than ever before. Take the time to digitize all of your paperwork with AgentPlan and find any info you need instantly.

4) Grow Your Knowledge

Read or participate in a real estate seminar’s for self-improvement. Get in the habit of reading real estate specific books or blogs to stay up to date on the market. Don’t forget to stay up-to-date with market statistics!

5) Review and Improve Your Business Finances

Ask yourself: how much am I spending each year? What is my money being spent on? With our budgeting tool you can see all of your finances neatly laid out and allocate money to places in need of improvement. Remember to embrace this downtime and focus on making your career a success with AgentPlan!