Tech Tools for Real Estate Agents

Let’s face it: your life has gotten a bit easier with technology. You wake up thanks to your smartphone, you gobble down thousands of nutrients with your juicer, and your Google home can answer almost any question that plagues your mind. With our new era, we have learned to adjust our everyday lives to technology: but what about professionally? The real estate industry has tons of new tech tools to help you put your best foot forward, and come out as a top performer. Here are a few websites and apps we found to be useful:

For your next social media post: Canva
Long gone are the days of hiring a trained graphic designer for everything you put out online. In this industry, social media posts have to be fast, engaging, and constant. Canva houses (no pun intended!) a large inventory of templates for you to use for your next new listing, or open house. You can upload your own pictures and create a customized logo, or pick from thousands of pre-designed images or fonts.

For your afternoon cool down: Calm
At 80$ per year, the Calm app allows you to master the art of meditation and mindfulness. With exercises that range from 5-60 minutes, this app can help put you to sleep, energize you for the day ahead, or relax you during an overwhelming lunch. Real Estate Agent’s experience a great deal of pressure and stress throughout the day, so we couldn’t resist including this as a tech gadget.

For your client management needs: AgentPlan 
If you haven’t heard of AgentPlan yet, it’s time to get acquainted. This is THE one stop shop for everything real estate. With features like electronic signing, you can send offers back and forth in the comfort of your living room! The IOS-like simplicity of the integrated CRM will have you questioning why on earth you ever bothered with paper copies of anything.

For your next showing: Waze
We’ve all been there: you’re in the core of the city, late for one appointment because your last one went over. You need to make it there in 20 minutes, but the highway traffic is bumper to bumper. Having this in your arsenal helps you avoid traffic congested areas, giving you a fast and safe way to make it to your next appointment. This app even features an option for users to interact with others by sending out alerts for large (and time consuming!) accidents.

For creating PDFs: Smallpdf
This free add on will help you compress, convert, and edit all of your PDF’s. Removing a page from a PDF file shouldn’t result in 2 hours of lost time and a frustrated assistant. This is an absolute game changer for anybody that struggles with tech: and at no cost, it’s a no brainer.